Construction Management

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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As a “Top-100” university it is easy for us to think in more global terms than is perhaps possible for universities with a largely regional or local focus. Our work is, of course, conducted in English although some of our educational courses are, for obvious reason, given in Swedish.

The deliberate policy on the part of the Swedish and Danish governments to develop the region on either side of the Öresund has added a further dimension to our work as we collaborate with Danish academics, researchers and industry practitioners.

Our boundary is as far as we and our collaborators wish to go. Nothing is excluded. Indeed, we have a longstanding track-record in supporting countries whose construction industries are less developed than our own. SIDA is the organisation for international development cooperation in Sweden, and we are proud to be one of its most enthusiastic ambassadors.

We are actively engaged in European and international research projects as well as maintaining a longstanding and fruitful involvement in the working commissions and technical groups of CIB (International Council for Building – in English).

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