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Christiansson, Per

Per graduated in civil engineering from Lund University in 1969, was awarded his Dr.Tech. in 1976 and became Docent in 1981. He was appointed Professor in IT in Civil Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark in 1998, a position which he held until 2011.

Per has been active in research and education within IT in the building process since 1970. His early research in the 1970s focused on building dynamics and probabilistic loads and load effects, as well as IT. He was appointed scientific ‘IT in construction’ advisor for the Swedish Building Research Council from 1983-1997 and was one of the founders of the Swedish National IT Building R&D programme in 1990 as well as being active in the Danish Digital Construction programme which concluded 2007.

He was responsible for design, building-up and managing the Civil Engineering Computing Centre at Lund University between 1977 and 1985. Previously, as early as 1970, he had installed and further developed a mobile computer with attached computer-controlled laboratory measuring station already. In 1987, he started the KBS-Media Lab, which in 1995 the KBS-Media Lab moved into new locations at a central IT resource built-up at Lund University including office rooms with advanced electronic meeting facilities.

Per developed and gave the first CAD modelling course in 1983 and after that was responsible for CAD/modelling education in the Civil Engineering School. He developed pioneering graduate courses at Lund within CAD and knowledge based systems.

As Professor in Civil in Engineering at Aalborg University, he started an education programme leading to the degree of Cand.Scient.Techn. in Building Informatics.

He is member of several editorial boards for international journals and international scientific committees as well as various advisory boards and has worked with internationally-leading universities and industries over the past 30 years. He has published over 130 scientific reports and papers within the ‘IT in construction’ domain.

Since 1977, Per has run a private advisory company with focus on user-driven ICT business system development for communication, knowledge management and learning. Its work covers system development, information technology consulting, lecturing, courses delivery, design work, board membership, investigations, formulation and evaluation of business ideas and strategies involving information technology, project and research application reviews for the European Commission.

Per’s competence falls within building product and process modelling, knowledge management, knowledge representations, computer supported collaboration, human-computer interaction, user environment design with end-user participation, usability engineering, innovation, intelligent buildings and incremental system design with industry collaboration.

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