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Hansson, Bengt

Bengt is a civil engineer and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (including Economics) from Lund University.

After a couple of years in a construction company he returned to the University to pursue a doctorate. At the same time, he started his own consultancy firm. Since then he has had more or less one foot in the industry, mostly as a project manager, and one foot in the academic world. This has been a perfect combination for doing research and lecturing in construction management.

Bengt was appointed Associate Professor and, later, Professor at the University. During his time as professor, he has supervised over 15 doctoral students and was also the head of the (then) Department of Construction and Architecture. His research projects are diverse but all contribute, one way or another, to a more effective construction industry.

He has held visiting professorships at Malmö University and was one of the initiators, and for many years also a member, of the Board of the Construction Council. The Council is an organisation that supports and facilitates cooperation between universities and the construction industry in southern Sweden. In the same way, he was one of the initiators of the Centre for Real Estate, an organisation that supports cooperation between the universities and real estate companies in southern Sweden.

Bengt gained a Master of Education from the University of Gothenburg and has been a lecturer and examiner at all levels in the Faculty of Engineering at Lund. He has designed and delivered many courses for industry participants on a range of topics.

Most of the time outside the University, Bengt has been working as a project manager, certified quality manager and an arbitrator.

Bengt has individual or jointly with colleagues published over 10 books and 30 reports on the topic of construction management and also contributed to many conference proceedings. He has been active in three different governmental committees.

His leisure-time activities are golf, jogging and downhill skiing. Bengt is a great fan of the soccer club, Malmö FF, and seldom misses a home match.

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