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International competences via eLerning - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

The InterCom e-SWOT project is a partnership project financed by the Leonardo da Vinci partnership program. This partnership focused on construction program for education and vocational training undertaken by four members that are: Lund University, Sweden; BFW BAU Saxony, Germany; GOA Infra Group, The Netherland; and BZB Krefeld, Germany. The project was carried out from September 2009 until September 2011.

It is important for the partners to form a shared intercultural competence (InterCom) and understanding of pedagogy (teaching, learning, e-tutoring etc) in order to be successful in collaboratively developing e-Learning for all European Qualification Framework (EQF) levels within the European Union (EU). To accomplish this, the partners had identified and selected five international competences that are: (a) language, (b) ICT, (c) intercultural aspects, (d) social competence and (e) working methods to work with. The target groups had been identified to ensure it encompass the EQF levels within the EU that are from level 2 to level 6 which means from unskilled workers up to graduated civil engineers.

A critical analysis was performed on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the use of internet and technologies, services and applications related to e-learning for both the users/students and providers/teachers in all the partners organisations. The main achievement of this project is a SWOT matrix analysis that can be shared with the partners’ organisations and other learning institutions within the European Union. The findings will aid individuals of most of the EQF-levels for successful cross-border job activities in international or intercultural mixed teams. The innovation in education/training will be developed and use for both sides (students and teachers/trainees) to mutually benefit from it.

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